PB: Your Filter Factory’s new website

Challenge and solution

PB International underwent a complete rebranding in collaboration with Wettermerk. Consequently, PB International’s old website no longer matched their refreshed identity. The new website needed to align with this revamp and the rebellious character of PB International. The goal of the new website was to generate leads and improve the visibility of their products for end users.

We started by designing a sales funnel, which was developed into a sketch and provided with a striking rebellious design, complete with images and texts that match their brand. The result was a clear customer journey, making it easier for end users to find the right solution through an online assistant. Additionally, a funnel was developed for both end users and dealers, taking their unique needs into account.

Result: A user-friendly, modern website that perfectly matches the brand identity.

Package: custom design

About PB

For over 20 years, PB International has been the specialist in membrane technology, with a focus on ultrafiltration. They deliver high-quality modules and systems that ensure bacteria-free water. Although they do not produce the membranes themselves, they assemble them and work closely with renowned suppliers to select the best membranes for their systems.






Nieuwe homepage

The Wettermerk approach

Wettermerk played a crucial role in PB International’s rebranding process. This included copywriting, project management, and guiding the photography. By providing strategic and creative solutions, Wettermerk effectively translated PB International’s new identity into a modern and functional website. The new website perfectly matches PB International’s rebellious identity and offers ease of use in making choices. This has led to improved lead generation and increased visibility of their products.

“Wettermerk made us really look at ourselves: who are we, who are our customers, and where do we want to go? We really appreciated their focus on positioning and their structured approach.” Arran Kassens, PB

This approach has provided PB International with a fresh, recognizable identity that seamlessly integrates the company’s core values into its visual and textual presentation. Wettermerk’s comprehensive approach ensures that the website is a more effective part of the company’s sales funnel.

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