EWB: a new website for shells and minerals expert

The challenge and solution

Ecological Water Management (EWB) faced the challenge of elevating their online image to the next level. The existing website did not meet EWB’s needs; it no longer aligned with their true story. Consequently, the message did not reach the right audience, preventing potential clients from gaining an optimal view of their innovative solution and rich history. The goals were clear: better discoverability and visibility, a central hub for their online sales funnel, and the ability to add more content independently, such as creating customer cases.

Wettermerk developed a compact and effective website for EWB, consisting of five well-thought-out pages. The design is fresh and modern, with a rewritten narrative that powerfully conveys EWB’s mission and vision. The website is built to be easily expandable and adjustable in a user-friendly manner, and we demonstrate how.

The result: the target audience now knows exactly what solution EWB offers. The brand identity is consistent and professional, and the content is optimized for better search engine visibility. We have created ample space for EWB’s unique story as a company and their sustainable narrative and solution.

Package: complete website

About EWB

EWB is an innovative pioneer in the field of sustainable rainwater systems. They use natural materials such as shells and minerals to purify and store rainwater, which can then be reused locally. These systems are implemented under streets, sports fields, and agricultural businesses, contributing to climate adaptation and sustainable water management.

EWB’s innovative solutions contribute to a better and greener world, and their commitment to ecological sustainability makes them a leader in their sector.




Water technology


New website

The Wettermerk approach

We shaped the structure of the website based on a new storytelling line. This also served as the guideline for the collaboration and planning. The design of the site was a logical consequence of both the company’s identity and the supporting narrative. The focus was on concretizing the offerings, the target audience, and the solution, while also giving space to the company’s history. Each page thus contributes to the overarching message and tone-of-voice that fits the company’s profile.

EWB is able to further tell their story by adding customer cases independently. The design and construction of the site gradually led to a new corporate identity. We extended this to a trade show booth design and a brochure. As a result, EWB is better equipped to present their innovative solutions to a broader audience both online and offline, further strengthening their position as an innovative player in sustainable rainwater systems.

“The process has especially helped to capture a complex and lengthy story into a core message that resonates, a story that truly fits. It even assists me in conversations with clients.” Ger pannekoek, EWB

We believe that a compelling and truthful identity must be a reflection from the true nature of the company. Wettermerk goes beyond many other marketing agencies by offering an integrated approach. This approach ensures a seamless integration of storytelling and website development, allowing EWB’s story to be optimally captured on their website in their own words.

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