Acquaint: the jump to international visibility

The challenge and solution

Acquaint, a major international player in pipeline inspections, aimed for world-class representation of their brand online. To achieve this, the entire team engaged in in-depth internal workshops to concretize the essence of the brand. In collaboration with the web builder Basticom, the company underwent an extensive rebranding and website overhaul. This culminated in a powerful online presence that remains true to their Frisian roots and their global mission. Through a comprehensive and holistic approach, Acquaint not only ensured a significantly improved online presence but also a brand that resonates with employees and customers worldwide.

The result: This resulted in a uniform and recognizable style deployed across all communication channels, distinguishing Acquaint as a market leader.
Package: custom design

About Acquaint

Acquaint investigates pipelines for drinking water and wastewater with innovative equipment and does so worldwide. They excel in creating sustainable solutions that contribute to optimizing underground infrastructure. These efforts are supported by a powerful communication and marketing strategy designed to emphasize their leading position both domestically and internationally.






New homepage

The Wettermerk approach

Wettermerk’s method perfectly aligns with Acquaint’s ambition to create a powerful brand experience. Starting from defining the company’s core values and the unique selling points of their technology, Wettermerk further drove the rebranding process. The journey resulted in the creation of a clear brand identity, visible in all communications. This could then be translated by the selected web builder, among others. The collaboration between Wettermerk and Acquaint ensured qualitative and consistent recognizability in all aspects of the company.

“Wettermerk is exceptional in executing complete rebranding. Their team excels in providing original creative solutions, executed with strategic acumen and impeccable execution. On top of that, they are fantastic colleagues to work with!”

This approach has provided Acquaint with a recognizable and influential online identity that commands respect in the industry. It fosters unity within the company and ensures authentic representation of the brand in all forms of communication.

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